Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ride to Copenhagen, Demark

"Click,Clack, Click,Click. Click,Clack, Click, Click," went the wheels of the train as we went away, far away, from Germany. As we entered our "room" we saw that three other people were there and 1 was not assigned to the seat he was in, but then he got out and went to his assigned "room". Then we got settled and every thing was OK. After that we introduced ourselves. About 50 mins. after that, bedtime sounded good so we went to bed. But where are the beds!? We didn't get sleeper cars! But no worries... we had Nat sleep on a seat, me sleep under the seats, and my parents sleep together on their seats. It felt like a freezer down there! We zipped our two windbreakers together to make a blanket - that helped a lot. I imagined I could see the train tracks and the train wheels going really fast. It made me dizzy thinking about it. In the middle of the night, we dropped off half the train, had a police investigation for some reason but that was all, and we went back to sleep. Then, when we woke up, we were almost there.